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Choosing to dress a loved one in own clothes or a gown is a very personal choice.

Sheraton Burgundy Funeral Gown
The decision is often based on whether own clothes would look appropriate, especially if the death followed a long illness, in which case a gown may fit better & be more suited, or if a person’s taste in clothing helped make up their personality/character, then own clothes would be the best choice to help with your final memory.

For burial, any type of clothing and personal items can be placed in the coffin/casket. For cremation, the authorities are trying to tighten up on the use of own clothing to reduce emissions. In South Manchester, the crematoriums allow simple own clothing, avoiding heavy man made items such as shoes/boots, thick jackets and keeping personal effects to items made of soft materials.

We always endeavour to carry out a families wish or advise the best solution for a particular request.

Demonstrated below are just a few of the gowns available, giving you an idea of the type and style and what a gown actually looks like.
Arran Funeral Gown Ashby Funeral Gown
arran funeral gown ashby funeral gown
Caledonia Funeral Gown Celestial Funeral Gown
caledonia funeral gown celestial funeral gown
Orkney Catholic Funeral Gown Orkney Funeral Gown
orkney catholic funeral gown orkney funeral gown
Satin Caledonia Funeral Gown Blue Funeral Suit
satin caledonia funeral gown blue funeral suit